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saayyyy anything

I got super ill early monday morning from some arby's foul play, and as a result, I have no recollection of the past two days. I stayed up late studying and catching up, slept for a little bit, and I'm awake again. I've finished up a few valentine's day presents and I'm completely caught up on my music appreciation homework, so that makes me happy.

I dropped my chemistry class this morning and picked up a hardcore intro to law class. This, of course, also makes me happy.

I have to take my car to the carwash today. It has salt all over it and it's not hot at all. OH! I got a new car. 2001 BMW 330i. It's teh sex. Josh is buying the alero from me, which is more like... I don't even know how to explain it. I don't feel like I'm selling it, just relocating it. I suppose that's how it is with my family. All we really do is shuffle cars, add to the collection, but never really get RID of anything. With Josh having the alero, even though it's technically not mine, I can still stalk him and pet it when I miss it. It was my first car, of course I'm going to miss it. However, it does NOT drive like the beamer. My lil german drives like a dream. It's amazing. Oh so amazing.

Okay I have to run to the bank and cash some checks, but hopefully I'll be updating this bitch a little more often. Hopefully.
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