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flamingo lips

hurricane hips

20 October
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I'm spastic and spontaneous, of above average intelligence (though, after all the abuse I've done to my brain I'm not sure by how much) and creatively savvy. I'm turned on by bright, shiny, colorful objects, especially nifty little gadgets. I like to make things and paint them by hand. I have three dogs: Senor Diablo aka Dibo - a chihuahua/terrier possibly a yorkiehuahua, Mr. Ferris Bueler - a Pomeranian/Long haired chihuahua, and Rhea aka Rizzle - purebred Siberian husky. I've also recently adopted a stray cat (or she adopted me) whom I named Scruffy McGee. I'm a writer, singer, musician, lover, and I'm passionate about almost everything I do. Anything else you wanna know, ask.